Paul Bedal

Composer / Improviser


9/27- Cliff Wallace Quintet @ Jazz Showcase 

10/7- Paul Dietrich Quintet @ West End Conservatory, Milwaukee

10/13- Jeff swanson quartet @ Cafe Mustache

10/31- Paul Bedal Quartet @ The Whistler w/ Greg Ward, Dion Kerr, Matt Carroll

11/2- w/ Paul Dietrich Quintet @ Madison, Wi

11/4- Trio w/ Nick Mazzarella and Dion Kerr @ The Lighthouse

11/13- w/ Paul Dietrich Quintet @ the whistler

11/15- W/ Brian Tate @ The Corner, Miami

12/11- w/ Sam Hasting, Mike Harmon and Matt Carroll @ Red Line Tap, Chicago

12/15-Paul Bedal trio @ 210 Restaurant, Highwood, Il

12/12 w Jeff Swanson quartet @ Elastic Arts

12/19 w Paul Bedal quartet @ Elastic Arts




050112 R10a


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