Paul Bedal

Composer / Improviser


April 5th-Jeff Swanson quartet @ Jerry's 

April 26th-Paul Dietrich quintet @ Jerry's

May 15th-Jeff Swanson quartet @ the Whistler

June 3rd-Paul Dietrich quintet @ Bay View Jazz Fest- Milwaukee, Wi

June 5th- Jeff Swanson group @ Green Mill Composers Collective 3pm

June 7th- Jeff Swanson group @ Cafe Mustache 9pm

June 10th-Paul Dietrich quintet @ the Terrace- UW-Madison

June 12th- Joel Adam's "Yestet" @ Room 43

June 14th- w/ Markus Rutz @ The Jazz Showcase

June 20th- w/ James Davis @ California Clipper

June 21st- w/ Stephen Lynard quartet @ The M Lounge 

June 24th- Matt Ulery's "Loom" @ California Clipper

July 3rd- Paul Bedal quartet @ The Hungry Brain

July 5th- w/ Matt Ulery @ The Whistler

July 10- w/ Markus Rutz @ The Whistler

July 12th- w/Giles Corey @ Kingston Mines

July 17th- w/ John Sims @ London House 

July 27th-Paul Bedal Quartet @ Cafe Mustache

July 28th-w/Caroline Davis, Dennis Carroll @ The Lighthouse

August 2nd- w/Giles Corey @ Kingston Mines

August 9th-Paul Bedal quartet @ The Hideout

August 18th- w/Markus Rutz @ Ancien Cycles

August 27th- w/ Jeff Swanson quartet @ Bucktown Arts Fest 

Sept 6th- w/ Matt Ulery's "Pollinator" @ Cafe Mustache (Ratchet Series)




050112 R10a


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